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Starting a new career can often be daunting, especially if it is something completely new to you. The open road, flexible hours. meeting new and interesting people and being your own boss. For many people the idea of being a taxi driver is appealing, but they just don’t know where to start.

At The Taxi Academy, we will guide and help you as you embark on a new career. We will explain the different types of licences available, and the types of work available to you when you are licensed. We will also give you a guide to how different operators can work and help you get signed up. Once you have your licence, we can even then guide you through your first few weeks on the road.

Our Cardiff taxi training is held in the Roath area of Cardiff but it can also be completed online in your own time and comfort. The course materials and syllabus can be viewed via Google Drive anywhere, anytime. Get in touch with us today to learn more how we can help you on the road to your new career.

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Audio Files

Audio files of the routes are available via Google Drive. Listen to them anywhere.

Route tours

Your tutor will drive you on the exact routes you need to learn to enhance your knowledge.

taxi training cardiff

Videos & Images

Coming Soon. Videos of the routes and street images will beavailable via Google Drive.


Your tutor is a Cardiff licensed driver and has in depth knowledge of the cities roads, streets and landmarks.

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Cardiff Taxi Licence

Based in the Roath area of Cardiff, The Taxi Academy aims to help those who wish for a change of direction, flexible hours and the freedom of being self employed.

Unlike some other knowledge schools, our training is delivered by Cardiff licensed taxi drivers who are actually still doing the job. Our trainers won’t just prepare you for the test’s you need to pass to get the licence, they will prepare you for after the test, and be on hand to provide some advice, should you need it, during the first few weeks on the road.

Whether you just want some information about what it is like to be a taxi driver, some help in deciding where to get a licence from, or training to help you get that all important badge, we can help.


Simple and Effective Training

There is no rigid training structure to follow. We provide you with everything you need and you decide how much, if any, additional help you need.

Flexible | Cost Effective | Built Around you


£ 15
00 Month
  • Full Materials
  • Powerpoints
  • Speadsheets
  • PDF
  • Everything you need to pass the knowledge tests


£ 50
00 Month
  • Full Materials
  • Standard Materials
  • Audio Files of Routes
  • Video of all routes
  • First Class Training Material
  • Currently In Development


£ 25
00 Month
  • Gold Materials
  • Full Materials
  • Standard Materials
  • Audio Files of all Routes
  • Coming Soon

What Our Students Say!

The Cardiff Taxi training was brilliant! They helped me get over the line, and the mocks were identical to the test.
Hassan R
Passed december 2020
The Taxi training has given me a wealth of knowledge and I would have never passed in a million years without it.
Robert S
Passed february 2021

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